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Is it legal to be in Blackstar Canyon?

On 8/23/06 we asked the Cleveland National Forest about the status of Blackstar Canyon.

Blackstar Canyon Road is a County of Orange maintained road. The County has a gate across the road however it is open for foot and bicycle traffic.

There have been incidences of local residents blocking public use or intimidating visitors so I recommend you contact the County Public works Department for more information.

I would not recommend a night hike in the area as there have been some problems - you might contact the OC Sheriffs Department for info on the area. Day use seems to be the best time to be out there but please do not go alone!

No permits are required and no overnight stays are allowed.


Debra Clarke - Wilderness / Trails Manager
District Volunteer Coordinator
Cleveland NF, Trabuco Ranger District
1147 East Sixth Street
Corona, CA 92879
(951) 736-1811 x 3227
(951) 736-3002 fax


The Warrior's Society, a group dedicated to maintaining and improving the trails in the Cleveland National Forest, holds occasional events in the canyon. Below is what was told to them by the Orange County Public Works Department after they were accused of trespassing by a Blackstar resident.

"As long as you limit use of the road to the public easement and otherwise comply with other related rules of the road, no person may prevent your use of the facility."
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