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Blackstar Canyon Entry Gate

There are many haunted places in California but few can match Blackstar Canyon when it comes to paranormal activity. Stories of a Native-American slaughter and mining disaster are common tales from this strange area. After only a few late-night trips you too will become a believer. Hooded figures, strange lights, phantom voices, strange artifacts, and extremely unfriendly locals all make up this strange strip of land. It's not just ghosts explorers need to worry about.

During the day Blackstar Canyon is a stunning hike through both public and private lands. Just watch out for the locals. They will try to run you out. Although much of the land around the canyon road is private the road itself is public and open to both hikers and bikers. Know your rights and respect the land on your Blackstar Adventure. You'll be greeted by "private property" and "no trespassing" signs at every turn. Don't get bullied into leaving. This road is all of ours. Be sure to check out our interactive map before leaving so you know a little of what to expect.

As you explore the site please send along any personal experiences or stories that are relevant to our content. We rely on your quick wit and keen eyes to catch things we may have missed.


Is Blackstar Canyon really haunted?

Although residents claim otherwise, a large number of individuals have experienced extremely bizarre events in the canyon. The main purpose of this site is to aid those wishing to investigate Blackstar haunting incidents on their own.

Is it legal to hike/bike Blackstar?

When I asked this question to the Cleveland National Forest on 8/23/06 I got this response. You can also check the current status of Blackstar Canyon on this Cleveland National Forest website. Blackstar Canyon is almost always open to the hikers and bikers. If you have more information we can publish on access please contact us.

What should I bring on a hike?

Bring lots of water. If the hike is an all day event you will want at least one meal. Also, do not go alone. Over the years there have been reports of many bad thing happening in the canyon. Do not go alone. Your personal safety comes first. Go in a large group but be very quiet. Do not disturb the residents. It's not polite and you really don't want to meet them.

What do I do if confronted?

If a resident of Blackstar Canyon approaches you and states that you are trespassing please be polite. You will likely be approached in an extremely intimidating manner. Just take the moral high ground and state your right to be on Blackstar Canyon Road to access the forest. Don't argue with the locals, just keep walking. You will not win an argument with them. If attacked, threatened, or blocked from passing please contact the OC Sheriff Department. If we all report harassment, it will stop.

How do I get there?

    Black Star Canyon Rd
    Silverado, CA 92676

You can get a map to Blackstar Canyon by clicking here.

Anything you're not telling me?

Short answer: Nope!

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